#9036702, By Rivuzu Best Boss Fight Ever

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    Ultimecia was the most disappointing of FF bosses for me ): I didn't find her battle hard at all. I literally let my entire team die till I had nothing but Squall, had his Lionheart after a bit of grindygrinding, 5 Hero's and about 20 Auras. Constant limit break spam.

    Seph wasn't even that hard either, it literally was just a chip & heal fest until Final Move came up.

    9, I found a bit trickier. Some of the battles on there seemed straight up quarked.

    Best boss battle ever though?
    Friggin' Robotnik in any Sonic game. Crazy machines, giant moustache, rotund torso, and he's hurting the little critters! Ultimate villain. Looking back now, he's a bit camp, but when you're a kid and you hear that DUN DUN - DUN DUN - DUN DUN - DUN DUN and realise the area is locked, you know, KNOW, shit is gonna get real and it's time to bounce off of his shiney face.
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