#9037128, By Rivuzu Best Boss Fight Ever

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    @Widge I think the worst, yet best thing about 9 was the re-introduction of the classes. No longer could you just turn everyone into an autoattack killing machine, as was my penchant. They had skills, and you needed balance, and the whole thing would grind you into the dirt if you didn't do that right. For that alone, it was brilliant. It did however make every single boss fight that touch harder!

    I still prefer 9 to any of the other FF's too. Even the story is better, if a little weirder. Medieval world - OH WAIT, THE CITY IS A SUMMON. OH WAIT, ZIDANE AND KUJA ARE CLONES. OH WAIT, IT'S THE CRYSTAL THAT CONTROLS THE WOOOOOOOOOORLD.

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