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    Yossarian wrote:
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    Yossarian wrote:
    it's a difficult game, apparently, so they will give it an 8
    I'm a prophet!

    Difficult games get 8s, very difficult games (Ninja Gaiden II) get 7s.

    Ah so that's why Fable II got a 10, it's been a breeze so far. And why LBP got a 9, some of the jumping was frustrating and you had limited lives at each checkpoint.

    It's all so simple once it's explained to you, isn't it?

    There's a difference between difficult and needlessly difficult - take those respawning guard posts, for instance. You'll usually have to travel the same way back from an objective to the relevant mission-issuing NPC to complete that mission, and having to dismantle the same old enemy layout each time is a recipe for aggravation.
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