#3007296, By avtar Any way of telling when a Googlemaps sat pic was taken?

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    Can you make/borrow/beg/steal a sextant? Or something that will allow you to measure how high the trees are above the horizon?

    The average maximum elevation of the sun is the your latitude on a map. e.g. for London the Sun, at the Autumn solstice is at 52 degrees above the horizon in the sky at Midday. This changes by 23.5 degrees through winter /summer so for London it goes from 28.5 degree to 75.5 degrees.

    You can get your latitude very accurately with a GPS receiver.

    Use the sextant to measure how high he trees are at various points in your garden, If it is less than the calculated elevation for the sun where you are you in the garden you will be in the shade at midday Sun.
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