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    Lutz wrote:
    There you go then. IIRC the "Thorax" was worth about 50 and the Scorpian about 100?
    There was one at about 180... is it a Megathron?

    Only seen a couple mind.

    Prices have definitely come down, since there are more "wealthy" people around.

    A Megathron now costs about 90m Isk (was about 110m a couple of weeks ago though), so maybe 70. A Thorax wouldn't be worth more than a few pounds now, it's a Cruiser.

    It's really quite interesting, so many people willing to buy in-game money for real money. Then again, that in-game money is worth time spent making it, so maybe it makes sense.

    There ws a funny occasion a while ago: a chap had stolen billions of game money from his corporation, then sold it on eBay for a whopping 4500 $ (USD). Of course, the credit card it was paid with was stolen, and the payment was withdrawn. He then proceeded to complain on the game forums how he had been done wrong, and CCP (the developer of the game) should tell him the real-life identity of the thief. Many a finger was pointed and a "Ha-ha!" uttered.

    Don't you just love it when a thief gets robbed right after he stole from you, and you see it happen?
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