#3021781, By LaundroMat Phoenix Wright, played n 2, now what?

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    Hi -

    I've been playing through FW 2 (thought I had bought the first one, but I was mistaken), and upon reading some of the reviews afterwards, I'm wondering which way to go...

    The problem's this: many of the reviews and gamers' opinions seem to agree that the circus level is one of the worst PW cases, and that the last case (the one with the Jammin' Ninja) is the best one in PW 2. I happen to have the opposite opinion: I loved the strange logic with which the circus was built, and I hated the last case because it seems too straightforward (it seemed only a matter of wandering about and talking to people; not provoking them with the right evidence).

    Now, on to my question: what are the other two episodes of PW like (1 and 3). Which one has more circus levels, and which has more of the jammin' ninja levels?
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