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    He could use bank transfer (not credit card) for paying your goods to your bank account . It may take a few days to arrive at your account though. As far as I know, bank account numbers are pretty much useless for criminals. You also need to tell him/her that any charges have to be paid/settled at their end because I would guess it will be quite expensive. But to be fair to the buyer, you need to remind him that the item might incur tax/custom fee. If the buyer is prepared to pay all this (+ pp cost) then it should be fine.

    Just like with any other ebay transactions, you need to make sure that you have got the money before sending the goods off.

    If you do all this, I do not see any problems at all.

    And all this about not selling items to Indonesia ... it's not as if you are selling a large quantity of merchandise or anything.
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