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    I works perfectly, no problems whatsoever.

    If I remember correctly it also allows you to delete PowerPC versions of the applications, if you're using an Intel Mac.

    Also, if you're running Leopard or Snow Leopard, they introduced the hibernate function by default (instead of just sleeping, the computer hibernates, so the system copies the RAM contents to the hard drive).

    In addition to taking lots of time to do this before it sleeps (that's why you shouldn't move a laptop right after closing the lid), it also creates a file named sleepimage that is the size of your RAM.

    If you enable the old (Tiger, Panther) sleep mode, sleep is instantaneous, sleepimage can be deleted, but in case a battery runs dry while in sleep mode, you lose any open documents, etc.

    Edit: This app makes these changes (should you want to make them) automatically. Snow Leopard compatible.
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