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    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    mull wrote:
    Got my 11.6" Air the other day; typing on it now. It's crotch-fondlingly awesome.

    64 or 128GB...?

    I quite fancy getting a 11" Air, mainly because I am happy to sell my 32GB iPad and put my Christmas bonus towards the rest, as well as kindly asking my Brother's for his education discount too.

    64GB. Should be plenty as music is streamed through Spotify and video largely stored on my main PC. I did get 4GB RAM upgrade, though; 2GB in 2010 is silly.

    I like the idea of an iPad, but I can't imagine an iPad being half as useful, basically. Keynote on iPad it looks nice, but it'll fucking ruin any serious work stuff which PPT 2011 on the Air handles fine. Also, the Air is basically as quick to wake up/resume as the iPad and nearly as portable. To be fair, I also have to run Flash for work stuff, so iPad=nono.
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