#9492344, By BravoGolf Idiotic Mac Questions for an Idiotic Mac Newbie Idiot. Idiot.

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    dominalien wrote:
    Ah, that's annoying. Time Machine is your friend.

    When you connect a new device, it'll give you two options: "configure as new" and "restore from backup". Maybe not the 2nd one in your case, since it'll have no backups. I'm unable to check ATM, but the "configure as new" option should not delete your stuff from the device. This is Apple, though, so maybe you should wait for someone else come by with definite confirmation before you go connecting stuff.
    Thanks :) Too late though, all wiped and reconfigured. I'll be using Time Machine from now on! Now I just want my music back but don't want to sync devices in iTunes if it'll delete the music!
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