#3040331, By Nuttah So what am I going to do with my 95m EuroMillions win?

  • Nuttah 8 Feb 2008 16:54:54 1,840 posts
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    I'll give 30 million or so to my ma n pa/brother and sis-n-law and lastly my uncle. Everyone on my mothers side can go screw themselves for the grief they have caused my family.

    After that I don't know. Probably through a huooge party for my EG/AATG chums with some kick ass party bags. invest in my fathers business.

    For myself, design and build my own house in england. buy a few properties around the world. a few cars and bikes. and spend the rest of my life travelling.

    Although all but the first paragragh will probably go out the window if I actually did win the lottery.
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