#3040432, By Nuttah So what am I going to do with my 95m EuroMillions win?

  • Nuttah 8 Feb 2008 17:27:24 1,840 posts
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    Sid Nice wrote:
    Excuse me: If you plan on giving away large sums of your windfall to your family; I'd recommend that you create a syndicate. Every penny above the 3 gifts of 300 per year which is allowed is taxable at 40%: That would mean that your family would only receive 18 million from your 30 million gift.

    I was aware that the receiver would be taxed, but not that heavily. Principly I would certainly agree with you. However none of any of my decisions would be made lightly, so if the syndicate method was the most efficient way of going, I would do it.
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