#3046324, By GlobtarOfMars The difference between Martian and Terran culture.

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    1) We like to eat with our nozzles and acidic secretions. You freaky heretics use mouths and chewing.

    2) Our aim is nothing less than UNIVERSAL DOMINATION. BOW BEFORE GLOBTAR, PUNY HUMAN. You want to spawn and not be killed by vehicles.

    3) One consumption of secretion shall nourish an entire Martian Globulous for weeks. You greedy fucks seem to just eat and eat and eat.

    4) Globtar has no need of music and entertainment, as his entertainment comes from DEATH AND TORTURE. You seem to like James Blunt, so I guess we're even there.

    5) We are obsessed with WARFARE, you are obsessed with secreting your nozzles into feminine Terrans.

    6) We generally prefer dissolving and breaking down products before consuming the gelatinous goo. You drink stuff that squirts out cows and chickens.

    7) You drink alcohol. We drink the souls of our fallen.

    8) You are obsessed with girls, we divide asexually.

    9) You sit in front of a programatic broadcast box yelling advice at the best atheletes in the world. We cull our weak.

    10) You have this thing called pornography, which we really don't understand.

    11) Some of your species insert their nozzles into a place which is normally used for waste disposal, with no chance of reproduction. We still divide asexually.

    12) You have teeth. We have warfangs.

    13) "Playstation" seems to be a deity for you, worshiped almost a full Terran day by some. We spill the blood of our foes and chant to Lord Glabthar.

    14) You sit around a programatic broadcast box almost as much as you do talk about what was on the programatic broadcast box. Our boxes are used for status updates and war communiques.

    15) You are obsessed with how you look. We are multilimbed death warriors.

    16) Little do you know that Michael Bay is one of us. BWAHAHAHAHA.

    17) You spend all your time attempting to control sprouting from your heads and bodies in a futile effort.

    18) We are fuelled by the glory of battle. You spend your time drinking "Stella" and arguing about something called "football".

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