#3090471, By Baronen Rate the last game you played out of 10

  • Baronen 28 Feb 2008 10:10:38 579 posts
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    I tried out some of the free XNA games available on the marketplace:

    Jelly Car - 6/10

    The most promising of the bunch, charming graphics and sounds in all. It soon becomes apparent exactly how old-fashioned it is, though - trial and error gameplay was fine in the Elasto Mania times, but these days it doesn't hold up. Physics are a bit unpredictable at times too, but I guess that's just part of the charm.

    Little Gamers - 1/10

    Shite game based off a shite webcomic, but it gets the one point for having zombies and shotguns in a graveyard.

    Dishwasher - 5/10

    Looks much better in motion that in pictures, thanks to decent use of effects and filters such as motion blur. Gameplay isn't too bad, and at least they tried to put in air juggling and stuff like that, but both level and enemy design is uninspired and it was getting old by the end of the demo.

    I've only been playing one other game worth mentioning, which is

    CoD4 - 10/10

    Simply put, the best multiplayer experience available on the x360. The gameplay is fluid, well-paced, and making your own classes as well as the brilliant leveling system keeps it fresh. Amazing level design and solid graphics, as well. The singleplayer is as by the numbers and on-rails as you'd expect from a CoD game, but for what it is, it does it brilliantly. It's a rollercoaster, sure, but one of the best I've ever played. Hopefully we'll get the multiplayer patch before the weekend, and then there's the DLC on the horizon.
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