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    Finally started playing this over the weekend.

    Sadly, mention must go out to whatever the hell is wrong with the online activation thing. It installed okay, but then hitting "Play" from the startup menu just crashed the game - every time. Just that message that "Mass Effect has stopped working..."

    Online help in the forums brought up loads of people with the same problem (on Vista). And yes, I have SP1 and the latest nVidia drivers. Eventually I found that running it as Administrator bypassed whatever the problem was, but I really shouldn't have to do that just to play a game. Very shoddy imho - games should have accounted for whatever nonsense Microsoft put into Vista's UAC by now.

    Anyway, once I'd finally got playing (an hour and a bit later...), this game seems really bloody good!

    I'm playing as a male soldier Shepherd and so far picking most of the Paragon options in the dialogue. I can definitely see even at this early stage that this game could warrant a couple of plays through.

    Movement and combat felt a bit unnatural after playing loads of FPS games recently, but by the time I got down to the first planet, it was pretty much okay.

    The menu juggling for upgrades is a bit confusing at first - especially since I'd read the manual cover to cover whilst I was waiting for it to install, and I was crying out for some tooltips for the various icons. I'm sure it'll make sense in time.

    The lore of the game seems really deep and - like the rest of it - should probably come good in time, but I did find myself wondering who the hell was who for a bit. Maybe I should actually read some of the Codex entries.

    Anyway, all in all, it seems great and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in over the next few weeks.
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