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    Been playing this since last weekend and am very happy with the game. The first stratum is quite similar to the one in the first game, introductory and full of lessons. :)

    It's difficult, of course, but I wouldn't say more difficult than the first one. Less forgiving in some respects, but giving you more control at the same time. For example there are a lot more FOEs this time around, but you can have skills to modify their behaviour. A Gunner could paralyze a FOE on the map, a Dark Hunter could lure one to a specific square, and so forth.

    What might make the game less accessible to newcomers (or those who already sucked at the prequel) is the increased emphasis on synergy effects in your party. You need to pay even more attention to how you choose classes and what skills to develop, but at the same time the penalty for redistributing "misplaced" skill points has been decreased. There is more room to mess up, but also more workable strategies.

    The interface improvements are excellent, music is brilliant as ever. My 5-second verdict: Those who loved the first will love the second, those who hated the first will still hate the second, those who haven't played the first but are interested should skip number one and start right with this one.
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