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    I've got quite a nice gaming rig....runs Skyrim, Amalur, DmC, Crysis 2, and AvsP 2010 (my more recent/ regular gaming habits) all maxed out, no probs.

    So I install A:CM, after first renaming a Steam folder to kickstart the whole sorry process. Windows Visual Basic + installs (a really noticeable install, with logos and everything) and then the blue screen of death happens, with processor faults being detailed. The ONLY time this has ever happened to me.

    Then it happens EVERY time I try to run this game. And yet it still runs the other ones fine. If it isn't the blue screen it's the crash to black, resulting in a restart, at the point you see the Gearbox logo, accompanied with looped sound.

    Nice one, Gearbox. Not only is your game apparently shit (according to the majority of the reviews so far) but I can't even launch it to find out for myself.
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