#9365367, By The **Official** Aliens: Colonial Marines Thread

  • Deleted user 13 February 2013 01:13:21
    3 Hours in and I'm enjoying it, guns are satisfying, blowing aliens up with grenade launcher, popping them with the shotgun at close range, good stuff. It has great fan service, I've found Hicks dogtag and find myself hunting for easter eggs and hidden weapons.

    Multiplayer was pretty great, being the Alien it was great sneaking up on people to pull of a fatality, and the Marines really need their motion tracker, this is where the game really shines, reminds me of Left 4 dead multiplayer without the zombies. Just need to get used to the Alien controls and I gave up after loosing connection 3 out of 4 games with "Host Quit" bullshit that I haven't seen since Xbox 1 games.

    Had this been on PS2 or Xbox1 I think it'd been praised pretty highly. 8's and 9's across the board, If you're an Aliens fan and not bothered about good graphics, I'd pick it up when it's around 20. But then I rememeber playing Alien V Predator on the Atari Jaguar so this is fucking awesome compared to that, maybe they can patch a few things and fix the multiplayer drop outs but I can see myself playing it to the end, I've seen myself play 9/10 and 10/10 games and turn them off and trade them after a few hours.
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