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    Ultrasoundwave wrote:
    Popped in Game last night (to buy the Killzone Trilogy, not this) but i did notice that a LOT of copies had been shifted - there were no display cases on the shelf and the cupboard behind the staff only had a few copies left in it.

    Joe Public dont read reviews.
    That's why the games industry uses "not actual game footage" to sell on TV.

    Also don't forget it's Aliens, people probably don't care about the reviews, it may be buggy, it may be a bit crap but atmosphere does go a long way look at Alien Trilogy or Resurrection on PS1, not brilliant and very rough but most of us loved 'em. Personal taste and tolerance plays a part to, AvP is a slated game by press and gamers on forums yet even last night I was still sitting there thinking "man I love this game" and many people also enjoyed it.

    To be honest now PC footage is coming through on You Tube rather than the console footage that looks like a tearing rough mess of crap we've seen so far, I'm starting to think maybe it's not as bad a reviews are claiming. Not buying yet though, good thing about all the slating is it will sink in price VERY quickly.
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