#9367862, By The **Official** Aliens: Colonial Marines Thread

  • Deleted user 13 February 2013 23:57:18
    Aretak wrote:
    Who've just spent 40 on said game assuring everybody that it's honestly not as bad as everybody says it is. It's just hard to shake the suspicion that maybe I'm not the one they're trying to convince. ;)
    Fairdos, the game does deserve a 3/10 and the developers and publishers need to be humiliated and sackings should occur (not in the marketing dept though)

    But multiplayer is pretty good VS and co-op, be a shame if no one was online to play it and put off from all the hate, all i'm saying is pick it up when it's 5-10 quid, you're expectations will be so low you'll probably be surprised.
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