#9373661, By The **Official** Aliens: Colonial Marines Thread

  • Deleted user 16 February 2013 18:22:05
    The most unforgivable thing is the whole hype and lies surrounding this game, all the footage and demo's shown isn't from the actual game they were planning to release, and all those bullshit interviews where they sit and lie.

    It's difficult to enjoy even with the authentic atmosphere and fan service, because Mercenaries are your biggest enemy, the 2nd and 3rd level in the campaign is ALLLLL FUCKING HUMAN ENEMIES, no Aliens at all!! and this continues throughout the game, 70% Mercs, 30% Aliens..I'm serious! Hadley's hope is by far the best level, it's enjoyable and oozes atmosphere, there's plenty of tension.

    I played Alien V Predator 2010 just to compare and the Aliens look and act fucking AMAZING compared to this shite.
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