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    ExplodingClown wrote:
    Bearing in mind how shitty the ending of Borderlands was, and how uninspired HL Opposing Force was, and Randy Pitchfraud's lies about DNF and his 'hilarious' comments about the review graphs looking like "a pair of tits", mayhap I got my hopes up too high for A:CM.

    The stupidity of the story is what I can't forgive. It's like some desperate orgy of retconning to please the weenies who wanted Alien 3 to be 'moar guns and moar mareens', but too lazy to move the setting on to anywhere like a new location that would require an imagination.
    I rather liked opposing force... Always hoped the black mesa guys will take it on after theyve finished turning the xen levels into something resembling playable.

    It certainly wasnt the turd that blueshift was at any rate.

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