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    imagine my shock at chillin at home and g4 shows me this slick "actual game screen shots "of up comming aliens,colonial marines.it looked sweet as hell to watch.i go to my game stop[ and pre-order.on the 12th,i pick up my copy,come home ,and with my lousy game playing ass,sit down to kick serious ass.screeeeeeech!this is not the game i saw!.i get this rush thru shit that,as a lousy player of all games sold in the sane free FUCKING WORLD!THIS SHIT.we're talking about some confused bastards at gearbox!.who's sole purpose is to screw all gamers in america.is there any wonder why i joined the class action suit to try and ruin these bastards for taking my $60.00 for this shit.graphics are shit,they flicker in spots,i never see how i'm killed,i walk thru people,and have my head in the nearest desk,guns don't fire when needed,too long a return,dam near no interactive backgrounds,no singular missions to go on.an excersise in frustration is what this is.a waste,the game is feces!we deserve better!
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