#3064835, By korky LAN Party games?

  • korky 18 Feb 2008 14:06:55 40 posts
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    Any recommendations beyond the obvious Halo 3 and GoW?

    MUST support split-screen system link which is increasingly hard to come by :(

    We typically have 10-12 of us with 5 or 6 360s - which means we need games that support 2 or more per box. Currently we just have to play Halo3 most of the time but GoW when we drop to 8 players.

    Anything else? Does "The Club" support split-screen syslink? It's hard to find out!

    Shame PGR3/4 dropped split-screen system link (it was in PGR2) and tragic that CoD4 doesn't support it.

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