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    Ok, so the situation I needed a new phone and MP3 player, so went and bought a 16 gig IPhone. Now my music collection is large and there are many duplicates in there, so I am looking for some software to do the following:

    - Get proper tags for all the files in 3 folders (even for those with crappy titles).
    - Allow me to drag, or create a new folder of all this music (there are currently 3 main folders, with music badly sub divided into each) without the duplicates.

    So I basically want a program to create a new folder (or fix my biggest one), correctly identify the music and put into the proper folders. So when I load it into ITunes I see the correct music in the correct folders.

    I have seen a few programs about but I know someone might have some experience with them and which to recommend to do both these jobs.

    Doesnt have to be free but I would obviously prefer not to have to pay for every song.

    Anyone done something similar?
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