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    Tiger_Walts wrote:
    It doesn't pass behind. The light coming off the cable is a lot more intensive than the light reflected off the small particle near the camera. The cable has a diameter of just a few inches, the particulates are most likely a fraction of a millimetre. The cable is visibly focussed tighter than that of the particles and given the difference in their distances from the camera, the light from the cable falling onto the camera sensor is hundreds of times brighter. Even if you account for the divergence of light from the cable. It's akin to holding a candle up to the sun.

    Why may you ask, are there particles present at all? This can be answered by looking at the video again. Notice the huge lens flare? The camera hasn't been adequately cowled and sunlight is pouring into the mirror/lens array from a very wide angle and is illuminating the particles inside the mirror/lens array.

    Yeah the tether is only a few inches in diameter, and also 12 miles long. It's shot from about 75 miles away, so there's plenty of room for it not to be a spaceship blah blah blah. But I don't get why they pulse and have a spiral coming out of them?! Why do they do this?

    I really don't have the knowledge of photography to talk in depth about motes and sunlight and angles but everything you say sounds perfectly reasonable. This Sereda bloke also goes on to say the filing is in Infrared and continues to speculate about the objects being outside of our field of vision, which I also find interesting. Still most of all it's the pulsing bit I don't get! cheers!
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