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    angeltreats wrote:
    MetalDog wrote:
    Yeah, I couldn't hack the kitchen enviroment. I'd either burst into tears or stab some shouty fucknut in the throat.

    Years ago, I worked in a kitchen that was run by a shouty fucknut. He was also an absolutely shit chef, who got his job by being the son of the owners.

    One day I had enough of him, told him to stick his job up his arse, and walked out never to return. I ended up working in office jobs for about ten years after that, before finally going back to cheffing this year, so he must have been pretty fucking bad to put me off for that long...

    It's not all like that though. The kitchen I work in now is quite relaxed and the boss is lovely and never ever shouty, no matter how busy we are.

    ETA: I was a bit gutted for Ben last night, I really liked him. The very young girl who's in it tonight (I forget her name) could end up winning, they seem to really like her.

    Where do you work? I'm fed up of eating rubbish restaurant food - so would like to try somewhere nice....
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