#8925809, By Cancer

  • Deleted user 10 August 2012 17:37:12
    Sorry to hear of losses, it's an awful thing.

    My aunty recovered from it last year. They wrongly thought it was in her bones, happily it turned out that it wasn't, but for a time a bad situation got considerably worse.

    My girlfriend's Mum has stage 4 cancer, is getting chemo at the moment. So far so good, or atleast as much is possible considering the situation. She's been remarkable, the chemo has hardly dented her enjoyment of life at all and the doctors are hopeful for it to go away completely.

    I went on holiday recently and a friends Dad has quite advanced bone cancer. Poor chap can't even stand up straight and the treatment he'd been getting for the last couple of years to keep it at bay is no longer working.

    Yesterday at work I spoke to a new person who'd just started and she mentioned she's in remission after having completed her treatment last year. I can hardly move without someone I know being effected by it at the moment.
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