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    mattigan wrote:
    Your Sagat wasn't the problem I thought that was your weakest character of the session which didn't help as I had just started playing Rose, who I'm trying to main now BTW (much fun). It was against EF and Cammy where your skill shone through, Cammy was doing shit I hadn't even seen/thought possible before!?

    GG's tho, defo up for some practice, I still can't get enough of this, and will probably main SFIV until MW2 comes along.

    Rose! Yay! \o/

    Played an infuriating Sagat last night. It was as much my fault as his, I couldn't do Soul Reflects or Ultra at all and kept eating full screen Tiger Shots. Second round I nailed it and got a perfect, third round he escaped me twice and that was enough to lose heavily as I just couldn't close the dastardly git down.
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