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    Kay wrote:
    JohnnyWashnGo wrote:
    So tell me, what advantage would a DLC update to SFIV confer over and above that of a boxed version? Don't say price because I have empirical evidence which suggests that most games that get released as both DLC and retail boxed versions are cheaper from Amazon or Play than from the consoles online stores.

    Well, imo it should be a boxed release as well as DLC. So, full price game for anyone who doesn't have SFIV, DLC for say... around 10 for anyone that does.

    Edit: Especially if it's only 4-5 months away!

    SF4 Costume packs were 3.50. You'd be looking at it costing at least 40 for the rumoured 10 characters, new stages, bonus stages as DLC. It's going to be cheaper than that on a disk.

    They've said they're changing the game engine though so DLC would be impossible anyway.
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