#3123166, By Squidbot Poo all up the back of the seat..!

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    On a related faecal theme; many years ago I found myself caught short in the centre of Oxford. I knew where there was a nearby convenience for the disabled, so I scurried off to avail myself of the services.
    The lav in question consisted of a large room, about 12x12, with the porcelain positioned in one corner, along with the accompanying rails and handles. My memories of it, at the time, were of a spotless porcelain and ceramic bog heaven.

    Imagine my surprise, upon entering the gleaming shrine to bottom functions, to discover a massive human turd lying on the otherwise immaculate tiled floor, roughly six feet distant to the actual U bend. The shape and, urm, splatter effect of the offending jobbie suggested that its outlet had been in motion at the time of exit.

    I completed my anal transaction with all haste and made myself scarce/ To this day my mind still boggles at the idea of someone managing to miss by such a distance!
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