#6355081, By super-devil You have been caught wanking?

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    Salaman wrote:
    smoothpete wrote:
    Salaman wrote:
    So after 9 pages, nobody has asked the obvious question yet?

    Shinji .. why the hell do you have an anal douche!?
    I mean to douche anally obviously .. but why?
    Do you use it to wank? Were you ever caught?
    I imagine it's for, you know, douching, anally. IIRC shinji is good with colours

    Are anal douches commonplace in the UK then? Does every household have them?
    I just find it odd that everyone giggled at the girls who didn't know what it was but nobody seemed to think "wtf? You have an anal douche?"

    not every household plus i did think wtf? You have an anal douche?
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