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    At least on GFWL I could log in on my PC, click one button, and my 360 had GTAIV TL&TD

    I thought steam was bad back when HL2 came out, when it took 45 minutes to LOAD THE SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

    And don't get me started on single player games, and how Valve's going the EA route of half-hearted, short, shoddy sequels and expansions, re-released over and over piecemeal ever since they became primarily a retailer rather than a developer....

    Anyway- you wouldn't sell someone a car and say "We'll send the engine round tomorrow" - would you?
    There is no bizarro universe where this damn thing is RIGHT.

    I'd already had enough of this kind of crap from EA, where EVERY SINGLE EA GAME I HAVE BOUGHT IN THE LAST 4 YEARS has needed me to download a crack TO GET AN OFFICIAL COPY TO WORK.

    I can handle boycotting games from EA, but not from Relic.

    Your right to defend your copyright ends where my rights as a customer begin.
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