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    THFourteen wrote:
    chudders wrote:
    Yeah, the patch seems to have broke my original too. Not getting textures on the title screens or on any of the units and destructible scenery during the game. Kind of breaks it really not being able to see what you're shooting at.

    have you tried this fix?


    seems to be turning off the antialiasing in one of the config files.

    Thanks for your consideration. I have been getting round it with a similar fix, which involves simply deleting the configuration.lua. After which it runs fine (and on pretty much maximum settings by default), but I have to do that everytime I want to play. That fix seems a bit more permanent at least (although I've not tried to alter my AA settings in-game so don't know if I'll get a CTD).

    I'm surprised they haven't fixed this yet, as by all accounts it's quite common. I never had this problem before the patch either. I'm expecting CR to be delivered today so am wondering if I'll have the same problem with that.

    Watch this space, I know you're on the edge of your seats. ;)
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