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    Your average FPS fan will come to this game and delete it within 5 minutes of play.


    Simply because of its unexpected complexity that your average FPS fan isn't accustomed to. As for those that immediately tarnish the graphics, well it certainly makes up for the graphics in the sheer scope of the game.

    The demo is in dire need of a hand-holding tutorial to explain the mechanics of the game to a new player. But even then, I can imagine they didn't include one because it would be a sheer bombardment of information to take on board for the low attention span player.

    I have no doubt that this game will be a sleeper hit, with a small dedicated hardcore following. It's a thinking man's fps, that requires teamwork and tactical thinking.

    I also ask you, what other 360 game allows you to host your own server on PC?

    I'll be buying this.
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