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    Bump to big up one of the best online MP experiences I've had. Part of its genius is the way you naturally fall into using squad tactics, rather feeling like a massive effort to do so. The lack of one-shot kills works for me; if you die it always feels like it's because you've allowed yourself to get into the wrong position, rather than simply being "out-twitched".

    The way the deployables work allow - as the game progresses - for fortifications to be built up, again in a very natural way.

    The burn-out approach to spawning might sound like chaos as everyone can spawn anywhere, in practice it doesn't work like that as anti-air turrets get deployed to throttle the playing field. The sense of satisfaction using the sniper rifle to take out an AA turret from long distance to create a hole in the enemy defense to allow the team to burn right into the heart of the enemy bases is fantastic!!

    Anyway, I think a game that really deserves your time, and rewards a bit of perserverance.

    If you can get it for 20 - imo - it's a bargain!
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