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    Bought 'Anna' on Steam and have just finished my first session with it.

    First glaring downside was the fact that I had to make YET ANOTHER arseing fucking account before I could play it. Game devs - stop doing this. You only ever get a special spam email addy that I use to verify your pointless account with, you already have a key and Steam as security, you annoy me with this extra bullshit.

    Having got that mini-rant out of the way, I played 77 mins according to Steam - did not feel that long, have certainly not progressed far.
    Played in the traditional horror game manner, volume up, lights down, alone in the flat.

    Graphically it's ever so slightly old school. Sprites put in an appearance and it looks very saturated (I kept the bloom on. The grass glows).
    Spent a fair while faffing about in the first area, getting a feel for the game's logic, working things out and on one occasion, doing something that felt like a last resort use-alarm-clock-on-tent type moment but turned out to be the right thing. Mostly though, the puzzles made sense.
    I don't want to give anything away, but given it's a horror game it's worth mentioning that it's managed to produce a body-wide startle and an out loud 'Holy fuckshit!' so far - so I have quite high hopes for the game on that score. I can imagine resorting to a walkthrough if I get stuck for a long time on the puzzles, though.

    Verdict thus far - if you can bear making another pointless game account and you're not put off by less polished visuals - you might have fun giving yourself the willies with this one.
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