#3160024, By MisterFahrenheit Decent games for your little ones on the Wii

  • MisterFahrenheit 27 Mar 2008 12:20:25 29 posts
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    I've had to stop my lot from playing Mario Galaxy as they're getting to the later stages and controllers have started to be thrown around :( Good choice for kids on the whole though, not exactly challenging for most of the way through (and we all know kids don't have the attention span to actually finish a game).

    Elebits/Eledees is also a good laugh, ignore the time limit (or unlock the 'Eternal' mode yourself first) then go about the business of completely trashing the rooms...

    At a push there's Mario Party 8, IF you can be arsed joining in and have at least an hour to spare. And don't mind being bored shitless.
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