#3163758, By MisterFahrenheit Decent games for your little ones on the Wii

  • MisterFahrenheit 28 Mar 2008 12:25:23 29 posts
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    I have to admit I did feel a wave of depression when playing Mario Party 8 for the first time. It's not exactly inspired, even when compared to past games in the series. Still, the fact is there are far worse options in the Wii catalogue (I know that's not saying much).

    My kids are into Pokemon as well, but I've heard the Wii game is pretty pointless if you don't have a stable of the buggers to copy over from DS (which we don't).

    The Ben 10 game is also supposed to be half-decent, keep meaning to pick that one up but I can't bring myself to pay 25 for it...
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