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    Carbon_Altered wrote:
    I used to be a big fan of the Culture series, but recently I got into the "Nights Dawn" trillogy by Peter Hamilton and have to say that they are streets ahead.

    You are taking the piss aren't you? Peter Hamilton's faux horror and obsession with 16 year olds having constant sex with the male lead (which frankly gets very disturbing before the end) and the most blatant "Oh fuck I've run out of ideas and got bored" Deus Ex Machina ending of any book I've read?

    Seriously. go back and read Excession, Look to Winward and The Player of Games (especially The Player of Games) and realise just how wrong you are.

    The Judas / Pandora book weren't bad but that latest one is drivel. If you want epic space opera that just about approaches the same level as Banks try Alistair Reynolds. Neil Asher writes a good story but he is just too much of a Banks rip off merchant for me to give him too much credit.
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