#8302155, By angeltreats things that are weirdly different in Ireland from England

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    Having lived in England for about seven years now, when I go home I just can't get used to what I used to think were motorways. They are absolutely tiny.

    Although the new motorway between Newry and Dublin is rather nice and has three actual lanes.

    Also forgot how shit Bus Eireann is. "You waiting on the airport bus? Sorry, we're not running this one today as we can't be arsed. There'll be another one in two hours."

    Oh and another one, which is really a bit weird, but when you drive in Ireland (at least in the North) and you let someone out/in/wait on them to come down a narrow road/some other courteous thing, nobody EVER thanks you. I thought I was imagining it till my other half pointed out the same thing. Rude bastards.

    Can't comment on Limerick, I've never been there.
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