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    I can't really give you any seasoned advice (I was hesitant to even reply to be honest as I'm just learning too) but lots of people have recommended justinguitar as a good place to start.

    I've aimlessly flitted about from place to place for info and it's probably why I've not progressed too much but there's plenty there to get you going, including a bit on how to hold a plectrum.

    Apologies if it's something you've already seen.

    I've also been using the free lessons that you can download for GarageBand '11 on the Mac (which you may or may not have access to) and found them to be quite helpful at this early stage, especially if you can get a line in to the pooter (that said, your Rocksmith cable should work). There's some instruction, then you play along a bit to check you've got it, do some more instruction etc and finish off with a play along to a band track that can (kind of) tell you how accurate your playing is. There's a chord trainer in there too which times you as you move through a series of chords and lets you choose between Major Open, Minor Open, Major Barre and Minor Barre chords.

    I'd suggest moving on to learning the G, C and D chords next as quite a lot of beginner tunes use these and the books I have started looking at all seem to like to start with these. If you also learn E then move the fretting position down a string (towards the floor and not down a fret) then you have an A minor without much extra learning.

    EDIT: I hope you get your Jingle Bells down in time :)

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