#3168753, By etome Xploder V5 save game file format?

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    I read your first post again. If I was not mistaken, you had no problem to transfer a game save to your memory card. The problem was that the game does not recognise the save in the memory card.

    I use Xploder v5, too. Xploder can only read p2m files. In other words, you can name a game save whatever you like, as long as the file extension is p2m. In addition, the picture you provide indicates that you download the save valkyrie_profile_2_eu.max from gamefaqs.com. Please make sure that your PS2 is PAL version because the game save is for European PS2 system.

    Now suppose I download valkyrie_profile_2_eu.max and I use save builder v.08 to convert the file from max to p2m. The file will become valkyrie_profile_2_eu.p2m. When I initiate Xploder, the file name 'valkyrie_profile_2_eu' becomes a folder name. Inside the folder, you will see a file named 'VP2-03-217:02Seraphic Gate'. This is the real file and its name is what the game will recognise. Transfer this file from your pc to your memory card and you should have no problem playing the game using the game save.

    Another example is that suppose I download a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 game save called PES6_eu.max and I rename it to daddyfooty.max. I then use save builder software to convert the file to daddyfooty.p2m. When I launch Xploder, I will find a folder named 'daddyfooy', and inside it there is a file name 'PES6OPTION FILE'. This file and its name is what the football game will recognise. Transfer the file to the memory card and you will be playing the football game with the game save.
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