#8746269, By DeWente69 Xploder V5 save game file format?

  • DeWente69 1 Jun 2012 09:12:59 2 posts
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    @supercarder You are awesome!!! I've been looking everywhere for an answer and you had it! You need to make a guide and people need to send you a portion of the money they save by trying to do it all the other more complicated ways that other guides explain. Forget elf launcher and mc boot and all that. I was able to transfer saves with my ps2 gameshark. I'm sure the method you described should work as long as the person has a way to copy the .ps2 file to their memory card. I did it with multiple types of saved games for Devil Kings. Codebreaker, xport, sharkport, and maxdrive saves all worked. Thanks again. You're the best! If you have a paypal, I'll send you some money.:D:cool::D:cool:
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