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    Finished this last night , man that last level was crazy and then the boss so im glad i took time to get 99 lifes as i had about 60 left by time i beat the game.
    Done sonic 06 and this one and they both tough games , young kids must be skilled at these games or all these new games have been dumb down alot since sonic 1 as it take's some patience to get past level like that last one.

    Colours next for me and generations, heard they both great , so looking forward to when i get around to them .

    Anyone here played most the sonic games? i started with 2 master system one then was sonic 1,2 ,3 and knuckles , even beat spinball took massive break before geting back into the games with adventure games which i played quiet a while after they came out and then been on the newer ones recently.

    Man i quiet liked chip in that game , old sonic games the best but the new ones not too bad either just frustating at times.

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