#3148437, By tomthedude Will this work? (Getting a used Slimline online)

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    Hey everyone,

    To cut a long story short (or shorter), a few years back my classic PS2 broke. I didnt have it online as I had Xbox Live. Cut to the present: My 2nd 360 is broken, classic Xbox is broken. My dads friend is giving me his slimline PS2. I know it has a built in Ethernet Adaptor but a bought one comes with a disk to set up online. How can I get my PS2 online with Adaptor but without disk?


    I just bought used copies of FIFA 06 and FIFA 07, and it says in the manual, and I quote:

    "In order to play online, you will need an Internet connection (got one), A network adaptor (Built in to slimline) and a Memory Card (8MB) (For Playstation 2) With at leasr 94KB free space.

    - I will skip the section about installing the adaptor -

    And here is the part i am looking for...

    '...Prior to playing online, you need to set up Your Network Configuration File. FIFA 07 includes a Network Configuration Utility for setting up this file'

    So does that mean I can set up my online with the configuration file built into the game if I dont have the CD that came with the Ethernet Adaptor?

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