#3152837, By SwedBear Those 50K achievement point cheaters just got owned!!!

  • SwedBear 25 Mar 2008 11:57:45 302 posts
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    Well, gamerscore isn't the same as achievements though. There's nothing stopping doing achievements the same way as Uncharted in games (I'm sure there are games that unlock stuff when you get an achievement, just can't think of one right now as I haven't had my coffee) .

    As for Uncharted - can't say I thought the "achievements" in the game really added anything. Sure, some of the documentaries were nice (funny to see how they makde the cut-scenes) and I guess it's fun for a few seconds to play the game mirrored or in sepia but overall it didn't really mean much.

    And I still think it's more fun to have global achievements which are visible for all. Nothing wrong being proud when you bag a difficult achievement. Gamerscore though never have been anything I am concerned with, maninly because games hand them out so inconcistently.

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