#8487755, By myiagros Recommend me an MP3 player

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    Resurecting this thread after years of inactivity.

    My Creative Zen 32GB has just died (4 year old), and i'm looking for a replacement.

    Needs to be at least the same capacity, with decent battery life.

    From my initial browsing i'm lothed to say the iPod Classic looks the best value, but I refuse to install iTunes on any of my (Windows) computers.

    I normally use MediaMonkey on my computers to manage my music library, but the developers say for 6th gen iPod Classics you need iTunes installed even if you want to use it through their software.

    Looks like Apple have done something to stop you being able to use alternative software to sync with 6th gen ipod classics independant from iTunes.

    Any suggestions would be greatfully received.
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