#3159491, By tedster11 The Thursday Poll - 27.03.08

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    boo wrote:
    2. Anybody using those little wheeled suitcases when they could just as easily pick up, to be shot on sight.

    Yup, hugely irritating.

    For me...

    1) Women's MASSIVE handbags on the tube. There's no fucking need (sorry for the language, but seriously, when you leave the house in the morning, YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE IN THE MORNING).

    2) Invite the Crips and the Bloods over for a bit of a face off with our chavs and enjoy the mayhem.

    3) Improve the 'Boat Race' through replacing the paddles with pugel sticks, increase the number of boats to 40 and allow teams to duel for all 5 miles.

    4) Pedestrianise Oxford street.

    5) Public burning of parking ticket Nazis

    I also think that when the mayor finishes their term they should be subjected to a Big Brother style exit. We don't get much chance to tell them what we think of their efforts really, aside from reasoned debate which is plain dull.
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