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    FabricatedLunatic - since you are further on that me. How the heck do I open the door to the dragon shrine, just after I met those annoying kids? It says it wants Black wings and fangs and I lure a bat and a snake there but then nothing happens. I then kill the bat and the snake, get bat wings and snake skin and do it all over again 5-6 times. Do I need to do something else? It's annoying me, especially since I cannot save and thus has to go through the whole cave again if I turn my 360 off ... at least I found the secret room in the cave

    It's not the best game in the genre but I kind of like it anyway. To me it's a nice break for all the fps I've been playing lately (mainly BF:Bad Company). My Lost Oddysey disc is scratched :( so I can't continue that yet so this has to take care of my JRPG-craving for a while.

    Disgaea3 ... I better not import that as I will not have time for our new baby OR other games for years to come :).
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